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iconNews for 11-8-2006: Return of the Tagboard

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.....

Dangit, you just can't properly convey a singsong voice just in text.

So yes, the tagboard has returned. Sure it would be nice if the forum use could continue, but seeing as it started petering off after a few weeks I do not have very high expectations of it thriving like the tagboard does here.

ICONNews for 11-1-2006:Odds and ends

Okay, some odd notes here. First, of all it is greatly encouraged to use the forum. Especially since the tagboard doesn't appear to be working.

Secondly, I have a little bonus comic here. See, I do Editorial cartoons for my college newspaper. But since it's a college newspaper most of the comics directly pertain to the college and wouldn't necessarily make sense. This one however, makes sense to anyone following politics. Which is, understandably, a larger group of people.

Last, I've been going over the rest of the script for this chapter, and it is looking like it will be wrapping up late January/Early February. And next.....


What, were you expecting I'd give away the plot?

iconNews for 10-16-2006: A few things of note

In case you didn't notice, yes the tagboard is down. As I mentioned earlier. There is something that will let me bring back the tagboard at the temporary site, but as of yet I'm not able to log in to do any modifications. In other words, I can't delete the spambot contributions. Another issue is where a minute or so after loading the page the tagboard begins to ask for a password...no matter who you are.

Now that tagboard is supposed to be good for anyone to use. But the little things that are going on now are quite annoying. So until it does get fixed and back on track the tagboard will be making a little dissappearance.

Enjoy the sketch I made in the meanwhile.

In other news, I'm trying to finally make better use of my Webcomics Nation site. Right now I'm working on revamping some of the messed up comics and getting the old archive put in place there. Eventually the whole site will wind up moved with my main page having it's own domain name. This is being done since ComicGenesis isn't quite meeting what I have in mind. There are more short stories and comics I plan to make available, and the new change will probably make it easiest to maintain several things at the same place.

Oh! One last thing.

It's really awesome when you get to see a bald Eagle in real life. Got to see one flying outside my window. Yay!

icon News for 10-12-2006: Tagboard outage

Well, it seems the tagboard.com domain name has been hijacked. So until it gets fixed it seems there won't be that nice little chat on the main page.

Ah well, I replaced the tagboard with a nice little image. At least there's always the forum.

iconNews for 10-6-2006: Trying something new

Yeah yeah, I know it's not a normal update day. But this was too good an idea to simply let wait. Do you see that little banner up there? See it? The one with the pasty albino question mark waving to Hazel?

Yep. That one.

I am completely and utterly serious.

I've been thinking forward to the upcoming storyline scheduled after Hazel and those wolves. And well, I'm going to need some help. There's about half a dozen random character that will be showing up. One with considerably more comic space than the others. Why not let you guys get a chance to audition for the role.

Go ahead, click. Check it out.

iconNews for 10-2-2006: Scary Hazel

Now I know that the title of the chapter is "Scary friends"...but who said that is was the WOLVES that were the only scary ones.

*evil grin*

Also, I probably was not clear enough, but yeah, updates will be on mondays now. Sorry I didn't make it clearer, but essentially there are weekly updates, and the standard day of the week will change as certain days become more convenient. In this case, mondays for updates seem to be working the best. So until further notice.........monday updates.

Simple right?

Eh, probably not. Oh well.

iconNews for 9-23-2006: Unconventional update

Eeeee....Oh man, sorry about the weird bit of news, but this next update seems to be shaping up to something special, if a bit challenging.

But the challenge is awesome, and it's definitely a chance to play around in a different style. I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing how this turns out. This next scene has been planned for a long time, and it's so great to finally see it taking shape on paper!

Okay, happy dance time.

iconNews for 9-10-2006: Fight scene! Go!

Well, todays comic is going to be a tad late, partly due to wanting to make sure the fight is shown well. And partly due to a fire alarm going off at 4:30 in the freaking morning. Yeah, I'm in the dorms again at College. I'm considering changing the update day from Sunday to Monday, but I do still plan on having a new comic every week. Even though this is bound to be a hugely busy semester, considering my plans to see if I can make a short animated things with Spike as part of Senior show.

Meanwhile, as you wait, I do have a bit of artwork prepared showing Hazels costume change. It's not too terribly different from the old costume, but I like the look of it.

Have a wonderful day!

iconNews for 9-2-2006: A Race won...a Hazel unhappy

Well, looks like the little war over there is done. Wow. That went a lot quicker than I was expecting.


Looks like I get to have Hazels little costume change.

ebilNews for 8-28-2006: Donation issues

Okay, apparently I didn't quite set up things right, and there's another $5 donation where I'm not sure what side it's supposed to go on. If I don't hear anything by the end of the drive, I'll simply put half the amount on each side. Now however, you will be able to vote a bit simply, I figured out how to set up image map links, and clicking over each respective sign will determine which you vote for.

In other words. clicking the fancy dial means you vote no to the shirt, and clicking Hazel and her sign means she'll get what she wants. Simple enough, right? I hope so...

ebilNews for 8-27-2006: Ebil Fundraiser Update

Since people have expressed an interest in helping out Hazel, I figure I may as well give her a fighting chance. I've lowered the goal target since theres two bars now, you only need $200 to reach the goal. Thing is....both are in competition. When the deadline is reached, whichever bar is winning will wind up being the choice. The only way to make certain your side will win is if you reach the $200 goal before the competition. At that point the race is over and a winner is decided.

To vote for what you want, make sure to keep a note of what decision you'd prefer. Shirt on or shirt off. It's up to you.

ebilNews for 8-27-2006: Ebil Fundraiser

Yep, see that there above the tagboard? Only $250 and Hazel will wind up losing her shirt in the fight. (Something Hazel seems pretty shocked at the prospect of....) I mean it. Really, I do. If I get that amount in donations, it'll happen. If I don't, well then it won't. Eleven's trying to be evil in suggesting that Hazel loses her shirt during the fight, and I'm having a hard time deciding what it will be. so I'm going to be letting all you folks decide for me.

I'll try to keep the total updated as often as possible.

In other news...Woo! I updated my computer! It was far overdue, as it was already pushing 5 years old. Now I hope graphics and drawing will be considerably easier than before, considering the Wacom tablet. Some of my settings got wonked though, and I'll have to rebuild a color palette or two until I'm able to retrieve the appropriate files from the old hard drive.

Oh this is going to be fun...

News for 6-26-2006: Attack of the muse

Doesn't it just figure that my muse decides to mess things up. I finished the comic, but I can't really put it up. I really am not happy with the quality of it and would rather have a good comic a bit late than a bad one on time. So I'm going to work on rewriting it, redrawing it, and make sure that by next week you all get a good comic.

In the meantime, enjoy this weird image of Eleven tearing apart a landscape.


News for 6-18-2006: Sorry folks

Todays comic is going to be just a tad late. Just lots of work to do in general, and getting a little burned out.

Sorry about that. But you will be getting a comic by the end of the day....just as soon as I get it looking right.


News for 5-28-2006: Dang squirrels!

It has now become obvious that a squirrel is trying to claim that car. A couple days ago there was another fright as a corn cob was stuck in the tire. For a while it seemed like the car had a flat tire...and then the horrible screeching. When my dad finally managed to pry out the corncob there were bits of metal imbedded into the surface. Now I have a mangled corncob to add to the same shadowbox I'll be putting the nut in.

So that's two times I've had the car sabotaged while I'm driving, and I refuse to trust that car anymore. Why does this stuff only happen when I'm driving that car? Many thanks though to whoever thought up the wonder of public transportation. That seems to be the way I'll be getting to my summer job this year.

And please pardon my little bit of revenge on whatever squirrel is sabotaging the car and trying to kill me. I didn't plan to have this bit in the story, but that squirrel was just asking for it.

News for 5-7-2006: Balance is needed

Yeah um....about todays comic... Well.

Every now and then I get the urge to draw something that's just a bit gross. Thus the reason for the half rotting corpse. This incidently would be a big reason why Hazel declined the offer of leftovers earlier in the story. She knows the condition wolf leftovers are in. On another note, if you are wondering the reason for Hazel breaking the branch it is because her ankle is still sprained. To surprise Will she dropped off the heavy bag some distance away so she could fly/tackle him. But that would have left her without a walking stick and the need for a new one.

Anyways, happy reading!

News for 5-1-2006: Sometimes there are no words, and sometimes far too many...

Wow...apparently reality can really be stranger than fiction. And folks, this was one strange weekend.

For the first time since Christmas break I had the chance to visit my home and family. Business related actually as I had a couple interviews for summer multimedia Internships. (One of which the guy interviewing wasn't able to make because of a photo shoot I didn't find out about until too late. It's okay though. After explaining where I came from, namely the five hour drive, I got to speak with the guys Boss...) In the process there was much of a chance to catch up with my parents and brother....and see what condition my pet bunny was in after she broke her hip.

This meant taking complete advantage of my parents who helped me get proper business attire. (My Mom and I shopping while my Dad waited impatiently) Getting to play Guitar Hero with my brother (who thoroughly kicked my butt.) And surprising the rabbit, who followed me around a little bit in shock that I was there. (It was the first time I'd been home since she broke her hip.)

Come Saturday my Mom needed help getting things together for a confirmation rehearsal. There was pizza that needed to be picked up, and what do you know, there was a convenient go-fer to get it for her. So I hopped into the old rust-embellished station wagon (I think it may be from 1989, but I could be wrong) and went to get the pizza.

A funny thing happened as I was heading back to the church though... Suddenly the engine started accelerating, even when the foot was off the gas! In fact, I was trying to pry up the gas pedal in an attempt to keep it from doing just that! When I reached a four way stop, I wasn't quite able to stop the car entirely. It kept creeping forward even as I stomped on the brakes as hard as I could. Meanwhile another car was crossing the intersection, which would have made the two cars crash if I hadn't swung the car towards the curb to stop it. As soon as the engine was turned off I sat back, wondering what to do.

Back at the church my mother was wondering where I was, calling the pizza place who said I had left 20 minutes ago. Now, you have to understand...there is a history of trouble with that car. During the short amounts of time I have driven it there has been a flat tire and no less than two times that the brakes have snapped on me. So there was cause for legitimate mother fret. There I was crawling at the bottom of the car inspecting the gas pedal, trying to see if something was wrong with it. Some guy walks up to the car and asks if I'm having car trouble. (The answer, in case you didn't guess, was a "yes.") He has me pop the hood to take a look, and he promptly says, "Oh this would be the problem!"

He pulls, out of the engine block, a friggin Horse Chestnut.

Still warm even!

Somehow it had stuck itself in such a way that it pried the gas line open to the engine.

I've told many people about this, the strangest car trouble I have had by far. As near as I can figure a squirrel decided to stash its nut in the engine block...which then rolled into place as I was driving.

Apparently the squirrels are out to get me, and the car is in on it.

I'm going to frame that nut.


News for 4-24-2006:Guess What?

Wow... Jeez I really am horrible at updating the news here.

In case you didn't guess, I made it back safely from spring break. Uninjured as well unless you count a few tiny scratches and a sunburn so mild the only one it would hurt is a vampire. (I plead the 5th) Annnnyways, Yeah in case you didnít notice the comic has started up again. Iím still pretty busy with classes but I managed to build a bit of a buffer, so at least if I need the time there will still be comics. This should be an interesting storyline. Youíll get to see the other part of Hazelís life, the friends she made since she was alienated from most Elvian culture.

So youíre going to see some stuff with her you havenít before. Itís not quite that she was raised with wolves though. Hazel just knows how to stay on their good side and earn their respect.

News for 3-11-2006: Travel time

Wish me luck everyone! As of today I'm heading down to Mississippi to help out with some of the lingering Katrina Aftermath. By some strange stroke of luck I managed to get in on a group trip organized by my College. I'll be back in a week...hopefully.

Just kidding. Everything should be just fine. All the necessities have been packed, clothing, sunblock, bug repellant, sleeping bag, ....Mini first aid kit.

Note to Mom: I know you're reading this. Since you're probably dissapointed in some measure that I wasn't able to come home for Spring break this year...I have this much to say. Mwa mwa, kiss kiss, hug hug missyaloveyaeversomuchgiveDadahugforme!

Wheeeeee! I'm so looking forward to this!

News for 2-20-2006: Funny birds

Hehehe. Okay now Quails are on my list of officially cool birds. It's no secret that I like the idea of birds and flight. After all, dang near every main character in my comic has wings. Hawks are my favorite animal of all time even. But why should I put Quails on my list of officially cool birds?

Well, it has something to do with a certain Quail incident with a Vice President. There are tons of people getting creative with the situation and making him the butt of the joke. Yet I think this animation is the best riff on the situation. A parody song that is the most obvious to use, yet done incredibly well.

And then there's that little funny Quail running about. It travels with a coolness and calm and seems relatively unfazed about the whole situation.

How I love that Quail...

.....I wonder what they taste like?